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        There is a crack in everything, that's how the light gets in.

        About Me

        I’m a self-proclaimed professional chocolate chip cookie eater. I think life is all about those little moments, once-in-a-lifetime sunsets, singing really loud during karaoke, and seeking and finding  b l i s s  in the bits of life we sometimes forget to pay attention to. I hope one day I can say I got to go everywhere on my bucket list and that I did it with the people who make even the small, everyday occurrences an adventure.

        I want to photograph your love whether that means taking photos of you cooking a meal together, getting drenched under a waterfall, saying your vows at the altar, or racing each other down the beach. I’m not the photographer who shows up, takes a picture and goes home. I want to get in the water with you and help carry your dress up a mountain side. If we’re doing this, we’re doing this for real.


        Let’s chat!

        What is the most important for you?
        Do you cover weddings internationally?
        How do you deliver the photos?
        The most important part of the job for me is not only delivering my clients high quality photos, but making the entire process an enjoyable one. My goal is to leave you with beautiful memories, not just beautiful photographs.

        Get in touch

        I want to be part of your big day. Let me capture your joy and help you tell your love story. Let's chat!

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